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Ensuring the sustainability of Local Government Services amid COVID-19 & beyond

On-demand Webinar

The landscape in which Local Authorities operate is ever shifting. Budget cuts, skills shortages and now the word on everybody’s lips; Corona Virus; all jeopardise Local Councils’ ability to uphold a comprehensive portfolio of services.

The introduction of Intelligent Automation is proving to be an effective way to combat these challenges, and over the last three months has offered organisations the ability to pivot to meet unexpected and fluctuating demands.

During this webinar, we will analyse the key challenges facing Councils today, and how Intelligent Automation could be the key to unlocking a new era of Local Authority resourcing as we emerge into a “new normal”.

Richard Boddington, Director of Local & Regional Government, Blue Prism Cloud (host)
Gus Niven, Intelligent Automation Manager, The City of Edinburgh Council
Richard Small, Robotic Process Automation Lead, Suffolk County Council
Rachel Kirby, Systems Thinking Lead, Wiltshire Council