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12 June 2019

Rewriting the Regulation Rulebook: Ensuring Innovation in the Public Sector

As London Tech Week reaches its midway point, the Business Secretary, Greg Clark, announced the Government is proposing to rewrite the regulation rulebook to support technological change and ensure the UK continues to lead the way in innovation. This new regulatory outlook...

09 May 2019


In the UK, Central Government, Local Government, Policing, Healthcare and third sector organisations are looking at automation to augment and enhance their workforces. They’re using Intelligent Automation, or digital labour, to work alongside their current...

18 April 2019

The Future of Work: Evolving workforces

On a global scale, our relationship with technology is going through an evolution. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the way we operate, from 77% of us now using voice assistants in the home, to a significant shift in the way that businesses and workforces operate –...

12 April 2019

How to transform citizen outcomes with AI & RPA

One of the key ambitions of any Government organization should be to continue to improve the services it offers its citizens. Indeed, as the needs of the public continually change - whether through demographic shift, citizen expectations, legislative or societal change –...

26 February 2019

8 UK Public Sector Automation Use Cases

Within any UK Public Sector organisation, the priority is always the same: to enhance citizen outcomes. But achieving this while being mindful of the strain and pressure being put on employees and budget is not always easy, and many organisations are being pushed to breaking...

18 February 2019

Enable True Citizen Engagement with Intelligent Automation

The concept of channel-shift (or omni-channel) has been a mainstay of the UK’s Public Sector for many years. However, how many Councils can say that they have implemented a channel shift approach that not only improves services for citizens, but also relieves the pressure on...

30 January 2019

UK Public Sector Automation: Creating a new resourcing model

 The pressure on public sector organisations has increased, but your responsibilities remain the same. A decade under the strain of austerity and the efficiency measures that follow, while handling a rising population with increasingly complex needs and demand for high...

29 November 2018

Demystifying new technologies within the UK Public Sector


19 November 2018

Making Digital Transformation stick in the UK Public Sector