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04 June 2019

Intelligent Automation in Healthcare use cases

How can the Healthcare industry use Intelligent Automation to address their key challenges and do more to improve patient outcomes?

15 May 2019

What constitutes success with Intelligent Automation?

What’s the point? It’s actually a question we don’t ask ourselves enough when deploying technology. Perhaps, it seems so glaringly obvious that it’s overlooked. But to get to the point, we need to ask what constitutes actual success? When you implement an intelligent...

18 April 2019

The Future of Work: Evolving workforces

On a global scale, our relationship with technology is going through an evolution. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the way we operate, from 77% of us now using voice assistants in the home, to a significant shift in the way that businesses and workforces operate –...

12 April 2019

How to transform citizen outcomes with AI & RPA

One of the key ambitions of any Government organization should be to continue to improve the services it offers its citizens. Indeed, as the needs of the public continually change - whether through demographic shift, citizen expectations, legislative or societal change –...

04 March 2019

Can Intelligent Automation really create business transformation?

From a new app to a business wide transformation plan which takes advantage of the hidden data across your business, business leaders are always on the lookout for a new way to transform the enterprise. As business leaders know, successful transformation can be the difference...

15 February 2019

Scale Scare Stories: Avoiding Intelligent Automation Stagnation

As an organisation in the Intelligent Automation space we engage in all sorts of productivity improving projects with our clients. From reducing the cost of physical payments from $10.00 to just 89 cents in financial services, to reducing the time it takes an agent to handle...

06 February 2019

Questions you should ask before starting an automation project

Automation is becoming business critical. The way in which it is helping organizations increase productivity, cut costs and improve services to customers means it is tabled at many board meetings around the globe. But, as with any emerging technology, it comes in many forms —...

17 January 2019

AI & RPA in Public Healthcare: Transforming Patient Outcomes

We are living much longer than previous generations, while the funding and resourcing for public sector healthcare struggles to meet these expanding demands. The UK population is a prime example of a country living longer, with certain areas such as West Somerset already...

14 December 2018

Digital Workforce Aims: The long, mid, and short of it

 From the outset, the idea of creating a digital workforce can be daunting. We’ve created a range of materials to help guide you through each step of your automation strategy — from ‘The essential questions when choosing your automation supplier’ to ‘How to implement...

13 July 2018

What services could you disrupt with Intelligent Automation?

When you hear the word disruption, what do you think of? Silicon Valley? Uber? Maybe you heard it in your last meeting without being quite sure what it means to you? After all, it is a word that is thrown in to business conversations on a regular basis. For me, it means...

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