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SaaS Intelligent Automation levels the playing field for the mid-market

09 October 2019 |

SaaS Intelligent Automation levels the playing field for the mid-market


Screen scrapers, desktop automation and other small scale automation tools are technologies targeted to mid-market businesses. Intelligent Automation, or Enterprise RPA? Not so much. 

RPA and Intelligent Automation may seem like the domain of much larger organizations with deeper pockets. And understandably so. Often companies are offered automation solutions that don’t scale in-line with their ambitions. But Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) changes all that. Where once you may have needed to invest in elaborate infrastructure, or large-scale resourcing — SaaS intelligent automation provides a ready-made platform that lets you take off from the get go.

So, what does this mean to the mid-market?

SaaS Intelligent Automation is actually built with your mid-market business in mind. We understand that you are the forgotten champions of economies around the globe — providing 1/3 of private sector growth and GDP to the US economy for example. (1) So, why shouldn’t you have intelligent automation like your larger competitors?

In short, of course you should. Companies like yours face many of the same challenges that other companies do, along with some unique ones of your own. From sustaining growth to resourcing, there are many potential roadblocks to success with automation. Today, SaaS Intelligent Automation is helping businesses overcome this by changing the rules of the game.  

How does SaaS Intelligent Automation change the rules?

It is incredibly likely that at some point in your day you now use a SaaS product of some sort. Which means we’re sure you aware of the basic premise of the advantages of SaaS. But, for those of you that aren’t — here’s a brief rundown.

You pay a subscription to a software product that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. The product is automatically updated, scalable and provides all the latest features without the big original outlay. SaaS is a concept which has disrupted markets and lives of all shapes, sizes and geographies.

Now, imagine that in combination with intelligent automation and you can probably see how it would help many mid-tier organizations. Simply, they get all the power of the latest AI technology, enterprise grade RPA and the flexibility to scale across their business using cloud technology.

All in all, this changes the rules for mid-market organizations and their accessibility to powerful automation which was once reserved for enterprise players.  It provides you with the opportunity to overcome the challenges your business faces without restrictions.

For more information about how SaaS Intelligent Automation can help your business download a copy of our new ebook below


(1) https://www.middlemarketcenter.org/Media/Documents/NCMM_Info%20Sheet_2019_web.pdf

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