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20 February 2020

The race to scale up automation in financial services

As financial services organizations look ahead to the new decade, they will be aware the next ten years are set to bring about dramatic changes in how they go to market.

19 February 2020

The New Drivers of Automation in Manufacturing

Automation has been widely deployed by manufacturers for many years within factories to streamline and speed up operations, reduces error and ensure health and safety.

11 December 2019

My 5 predictions for 2020: Blue Prism Cloud, CTO, Danny Major

Danny Major, CTO, Blue Prism Cloud (Thoughtonomy)

03 December 2019

Productivity over Efficiency – The New Drivers of Automation

For a technology that was once perceived as a tactical means to reduce cost and eliminate inefficient processes, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has rapidly evolved into something far more strategic and meaningful over the last three years.

15 November 2019

The Time Is NOW - Become Strategic With Automation

Strategy seeks to answer three fundamental questions for the organization: where are we now? Where do we want to be/must we be? And how do we get there? Enter robotic process automation (RPA). To become strategic, RPA needs to be significant in its impact on process...

12 November 2019

Centralize or Distribute - How to manage intelligent automation at scale

Every automation lead has a challenge on their hands. Do you centralize or distribute ownership of intelligent automation? This is a dilemma which will last the lifecycle of all deployments and one that isn’t easily overcome, particularly as you start planning how to scale...

05 November 2019

How SaaS helps overcome the technological challenges to scaling automation.

According to our latest report with Teknowlogy, 38% of UK organizations expect to have automated more than 20% of their processes within the next five years. Quite the bold statement of intent from UK business leaders. But, having intent and delivering it are two wholly...

30 October 2019

Beyond the industry hype, real organizations are scaling up from RPA to Digital transformation

While many organizations are just taking their first steps with intelligent automation, or are still considering its benefits, there are some who saw the opportunity of RPA early on, are now years into their automation journey and are starting to scale up.

11 October 2019

Three banks demonstrate the cost of compliance mistakes

Compliance regulations are becoming so complex for financial institutions that it can be hard to meet all the standards required when resourcing is so costly.

09 October 2019

SaaS Intelligent Automation levels the playing field for the mid-market


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