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Transforming customer operations with Intelligent Automation: How TransUnion scales success

IA World Series Webinar

Watch our webinar on demand: transunion shares how to Transform your customer operations with Intelligent Automation. 

By employing the Thoughtonomy Intelligent Automation platform, TransUnion have been able to establish new delivery models that align to their overall organisational goals, and in doing so have increased the efficiency of the consumer-facing operations.
Business Transformation Manager of TransUnion, Gabe Tribuiani, and Thoughtonony Head of Customer Success, Adam Lawrence will be sharing the story of how TransUnion embarked on its journey and the best practice lessons learned on managing to scale roll-out of automations.
From this session you’ll learn:
  • How to navigate the link between automation COE and the business
  • Way to get business buy-in for your automation strategy
  • 5 pillars of customer center automation implementation
  • Tactics to take automation from innovation project to critical cornerstone for operational strategy