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Measuring RPA Success | Digital Transformation at Shop Direct

Shop Direct is one of UK’s largest pure play online retailers with revenues over £1.86bn. Head of RPA and Business Agility, Lindsay Harrison has worked for the Shop Direct since 2006 and has been instrumental in pioneering RPA within the company.

For our second Blue Prism Café, Lindsay Harrison joined Shail Khiyara, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at Blue Prism to discuss Shop Direct’s RPA journey.

Based on real-world insights and experiences, Lindsay outlineed the tangible benefits of RPA technology by defining clear metrics. Metrics that include hours returned back to the business, priority scoring their processes, delivering increased revenue and scaling automation across the entire enterprise. By outlining what success looks like for any RPA deployment, webinar participants can build a roadmap for their own digital transformation.

Key takeaways from this webinar will include:

  • What processes should be targeted first for RPA
  • How do you measure RPA success, what are the metrics
  • Finding the right RPA talent and “reskilling” employees